When I got married!

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When I got married, I didn’t know anything about weddings.
I hadn’t ever been to a wedding, I HAD NO IDEA.
The only thing I was sure of, was that I wanted incredible photos.. That, and I needed a quality wedding band.
Photos would be one of the few things we’d hold on to and treasure, so I set out on my hunt for that perfect fit.
I was a young bride, I was 19 and planning a wedding…
We didn’t have much of a budget, nor did we have anyone to help us.
I sent out a few emails to wedding photographers and was overwhelmed with the prices that were coming through.
Thinking, ‘ARRRRGH, how am I ever going to manage this’
I took a step back, and had a little thought.

I came across a lady who had a style that was all in itself.
At that time she was Suellen Lee Photography – A real estate agent from Sydney who’d had a change of pace in the semi country of Victoria.
To make this work, I decided to ask if she would customise an option for me.
I knew photography was worth every penny,  and to be within my budget, I could only afford coverage of the ceremony and portraits from my wedding.
The whole, ‘quality over quantity thing’.

She called me, asked what I wanted, what we were like as a couple and was happy to cater to our needs.
I was TRILLED, to say the least! I’d just secured a total legend of a photographer to capture just what I wanted.

As the day happened, a great bundle of things went against the plans.
Flowers never arrived, my driver (soon to be father-in-law) took a very long detour on the way to the ceremony.
I forgot the tie for my Dad, as well as a whole bag of little things…
Overall, it was as it should have been, and Suellen captured us, as we were.
There are parts of our day which carry the old, ‘If I knew then, what I know now’, thing.

But in hindsight, it was all it was meant to be, and so, so much more.

Three years later and there I was, shooting my first wedding.
I was that person who had that responsibility of capturing the story.
They too, didn’t have the budget for a full day, and that was okay with me.
To this day, I still get it. Not everything is for everyone.
I don’t believe a wedding has to run a certain way, or hold every tradition, if you don’t want it to.
You can be totally fine to elope with 2 witnesses and your dog, I’d still l’d still have bells on, and be as excited as any wedding.
Or, you might be like me.. cool as a coconut.


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