I so happen to be Zoe, a wedding photographer, based in Perth, WA.

I don't have a favourite song (or album), and that entire concept makes me feel anxious.
Although, I can't go past The Beatles, anything Maynard James Keenan, Julia Jacklin, Bob Dylan.. even a little Kayne.

My favourite Quentin Tarantino film is Kill Bill: Volume 1, which no one has ever agreed with me on. (I shall just be a rebel in all my rebel-ness)

Steven King books are cool.

I really like striped clothing... Like, really. STRIPED EVERYYYYTHAAANG.

I didn't drink coffee till I was 22, and I don't think I have gone a day without it since.

I am the most secure, insecure person you will meet.
I like to plan, organise and then plan again.. but then I can never quite back myself or my decisions 100%, and this leads to a lot of arms in the air emojis.

I enjoy high-intensity exercise because it pushes you, you don't have time for excuses, and it doesn't kill you till the next morning.

I am about to hit a half-decade within the wedding industry, which has come around fast.

The first occupation I ever wanted, was to be a builder.
I've studied a bag full of things, but photography seems to be what has suck.
(I never studied photography though, which makes it even more random)
And while I hate the term, I do often wonder if this was what I was destined to be doing.
- Note, I do love it. I wouldn't be spending child-free time writing this if it didn't give me life.

I often find the greatest parts of life are small and simple.
I love that music can evoke thought, emotion and energy.
One of my fave moments is during Dreams, by Fleetwood mac.
Stevie comes into the pre-chorus, with "like a heartbeat drives you mad" and that bass drum lifts a touch to match a heartbeat (thumping).
It always gives me belly butterflies, and occasionally goose pimples.
For me, this exact example is a perfect representation of how you should look at life.
Always looking for those little shifts, that make your heart beat that little bit faster, the bits that make you laugh uncontrollably, ones that make you complete, at peace, calm, energised.. whatever the heck you want. Those are the best moments!

I could babble for the next 18 paragraphs, so to keep this conclusion succinct.
I shoot weddings/couples and elopements because I love them - I just freaking love them!.


Here are some photos of me, Zoe. that is who the images above are of.