Beachside runs, hour long baths, loud music and coffee are a few of my favourite things.
My dining plates and bowls do not match - I like to collect 70's dinnerware from op shops or garage sales. There is something incredibly beautiful about having an item that has already lived so much more life than I.

A creative and quirky soul - enamoured with all things colourful, often found singing and dancing around her living room, as if this were a 60's musical.

I freaking love shooting weddings, and am heading into my 7th year!
I believe weddings are an epic celebration of two lovers, kicking it with some of their greatest!
Be that every person you ever met or just the two of you.
My aim, goal, vibe, style... whatever you want to call it, is fuelled by fun.
I am forever chasing that laugh, matched with stunning light and rich tones.

Oh, and I will travel just about anywhere in the world to capture love, as long as you provide some snacks.


This image was part of my #30daysinisolation challenge, wearing my own wedding dress.