Get me there, and I’ll shoot your wedding for free!

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As we only tend to have 1-2 homes, it’s hard to cover everywhere, but occasionally I see a location and gasp in awe.
(Actually, I am just jealous, and my heart gets a bit fuzzy)
There are a handful of locations/venues that I am dying to shoot at.
So close to the impending death situation that  I will shoot your wedding for free! Yep, Free.
Well, kind of free. The actual photography part is free… However, you will have to help me get there!
The international venues (outside Aus) All I ask is my flight + insurance be covered.
I will most probably hijack these ones and have a mini holiday, so I will cover my own car hire/accommodation + other expenses.
Australian weddings – $1500 to cover my flights, accommodation and car hire. (If it is a Perth venue, then you’ll only have to cover any parking and fuel costs.

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The List

10. The Panama Dining Room – Melbourne, VIC

There are soooo many venus, but I would be listing till forever, So i’ll leave it here for now.

 If your venue isn’t on the list, it doesn’t mean I won’t be all over it, like a cookie monster loves cookies… It just means I may not know about it, or I may know it well.
So what is in it for you then?
Well, if your wedding is not on the list, it won’t be for free 🙁 (booooo- throws boots)
But if you mention the following word HUBBLEDUM. I promise I’ll cut you a sweet as dealio! Because you know, you took the time to read this and all.


Image Credits: Bayly Moore      Jack + Jane 
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