Frequently Asked Questions


What’s the best month of the year to get married?

If you are like us and don’t mind throwing on a cardigan in the later hours -then Autumn/ Early Winter and Spring, are the best times.

We don’t often have our photo taken, and can be quite awkward, will the photos turn out okay?
Yes, they totally will.
Part of the pre-wedding process is discussing exactly what you want from your images, understanding who you are as a couple,
and then developing a plan to catch you at your most comfortable.
While pre-explained, shooting in a relaxed style on your wedding day will always get the best images.
Some couples may feel they are awkward or not very photogenic and end up being total stars, it’s all about finding what works for what couple.

We are planning our wedding in our backyard, will you be able to suggest locations for photos?
We sure can!
Zoe will discuss what you would consider your dream setting, and we will go from there.
Note: Travel time is something you always have to account for, regardless of the wedding.

How long have you been shooting?
15 years in total, weddings for 3 years.

Why are you a wedding photographer? Is this your full-time job?
“Yes, weddings quickly became so much more than a hobby and I simply couldn’t get enough of them! “, says Zoe.

We need help! Where are the best places for inspiration?
We’ve made a list of the best our favourite wedding blogs!
Best Wedding Blogs, AustraliaBest Wedding Blogs, Australia


Basic Info

Do you have a minimum booking for weddings?
No; but we do recommend 6 hours or more.

Are you registered and insured?

Can we meet you before we book?
Of course! When enquiring, ask to book an appointment for an obligation free meeting either at a café or within your own home.

Providing a range of packages, as well as coverage only options from $1800

Will I receive all images from my wedding day?
No. We only deliver the images which best reflect the story of your day/session.

How many images do you typically deliver from a wedding?
This depends on the hours covered.  Our average wedding of 6 hours, would deliver between 400-700 images.

How soon can we expect our sneak peak?
Within 48 hours of your wedding day/engagement shoot

When can we expect to see our full wedding gallery (photos)?
Usually between 4-6 weeks.

Do you offer packages including videography services?
Subject to availability; Indeed we do!
Blake and Zoe work well together and create a cohesive memory to last a lifetime!

Why book photography and film as a package?
There are many reasons, but the one that means the most to us is style.
Most industry professionals are able to work with any other company, however working together regularly allows a team to feed off each other and provide a collection and film that is cohesive in its style and composition.

Is there a deposit required and is it refundable?
All wedding packages require a 20% retainer; this retainer is non – refundable.

Do I have any rights in regards to my images?
Can I print my photos? or do I have to purchase prints?
Of course, you can! All packages come with a full print release for personal use.
Your images are provided in high resolution on USB, and are yours forever and ever!
Share these with friends and family with no limitations 🙂
If you so wish, Zoe can organise any prints or albums for you, but this is optional.

Do you charge for travel?
Within the Perth Metro: No, all travel is included.
Interstate and international weddings will have individual travel fees.
As a rule, 2 nights accommodation at an agreed hotel or air bnb, and the flight/fuel costs, unless booked during a travel period or in conjunction with an area promotio.n
If you are adding videography to your package, the travel costs would be doubled!

When we book you, who will we be dealing with?
Zoe, or Blake, or both, but mostly Zoe.
We would be the ones communicating and meeting with you throughout the planning process and shooting on your wedding day.
Depending on the package you have booked, you may have an additional photographer or videographer present, but that will be in addition to us.
Only under an extremely tragic circumstance would a third party be found.

We love you! What’s next?
You will need to fill out a booking form and agree to all terms stated in your booking contract.
Secure your date!