Is a professional Wedding DJ Important?

How important is it to have a professional Wedding DJ?
Well, that depends on how much you care about the vibe of your dance-floor.
In my experience, it is seldom that a self made playlist trumps a pro.
Keeping that in mind, I said “pro /professional”.
I’ve seen a playlists trump bad DJ’s also.. So making this call is vital.
If you can afford to (and I would encourage you to), a good DJ will not come cheap.
And believe me – you get what you pay for.
If you set aside $400 for your DJ, you may just be better off with a decent speaker + a killer playlist.
However, if you want someone who can read the flow and keep the party going then invest!

Here are a few of my recommendations.
(click the names for links)


1. ASH! aka ASLAN
Smooth AF in his linen, and cool as a coconut!

2. Levi aka DEEP DJ CO
Legend of a guy, master of the decks.

3. Willy Slade
Mysterious but you’ll thank me later.

DJ + MC Picks.

4. Jim, from Anytime Dj
Laughter + Tunes – that’s him to a T.

5. Adam – Perth Wedding DJ
If you listen to commercial radio, maybe you already know Adam?

DJ + Photo Booth Picks

6. Retriever Sound
Paula and Dyson are both amazing for those looking for a more subdued, yet crazy fun night!

7. Complete DJ
An amazing crew + the most sexy Photo Booth!

With love,