Jess + Jason | Flour Factory Wedding Photos

Jess + Jason
Perth Flour Factory Wedding Photos

Here’s to he most balanced couple, ever! (raise your glass)
They are the avocado and cheese, the need for the vanilla icing stuff inside an Oreo.
Okay, these are food references.. but you get my point.
Jess is a divine, crazy smart, multifaceted human, with a killer smile and a warm nature. Jason happens to be this super animated dude who apparently calls himself, Dr Ryan.
Speaking of urine, acting like kelpies, underwear from your dad, the coolest Grandad ever, endless fun and the greatest crew of people.
I don’t think I have smiled so much in my life.

The Dream Team!
Jess + Jason | Flour Factory Wedding Photos

Venue: The Flour Factory
Photography: Zoe Theaidore
Videography: Danica Zuks
Florals: Grande Fiore Florist
Celebrant: Suzanne Balding
Hair + Make-up: Conrad Adams // The Pretty Palour
Wedding Gown: Paula + Jo
Grooms Suit: Politix
Signage: Michael Hartley
Candles: One True Flame
Furniture Hire: Maisey Collections // Hire Society