Hollie + Brandon | Millbrook Winery Wedding

Hollie + Brandon | Millbrook Winery Wedding

To start, this is probably one of the most beautiful Millbrook Winery Weddings that i have ever witnessed!

When we first met, it was after school/work and Brandon was on break.
The date possibilities were limited, so we needed to make this work.
However, there was a catch…My baby-sitter was unavailable, and my husband was away – so I had brought my kiddos along.
(This was already filling my head with, ‘what if they spill hot coffee, or break something!’ visions/thoughts/fears.)

So, the day came.. I arrived with a backpack full of activities for them, in the hope they would be good little kiddos.
Alas, they jumped around, and climbed under the table. (The kids that is, not Hollie and Brandon – although that would have been rather amusing)

They were both smiling, and laughing it all off.
They both have that magic vibe, you know… Those super special people, who you can’t help but like?
I thought, “Gosh… surely after this ruckus they’d be on the hunt for someone with a little less craziness in their lives?!”

But they didn’t… and here we are!
And I am SOOOOOO Glad they chose me, because it was a bundle of fun!

Their wedding was a beautifully elegant affair, with rich colours, and a dress to die for.
Millbrook Winery, is always beautiful, but the weather was also absolute perfection. (insert the OK finger emoticon)
A cloudy day, with the perfect pops of sunlight!

And before they got hitched? Check out their engagement!

Florals: The Flower Girl | Venue: Millbrook Winery

Hollie + Brandon started their romance in Fremantle.
So I think it was quite fitting when they danced around Fremantle for their engagement session, despite the wind and rain. Check it out here

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