Is a professional Wedding DJ Important?

How important is it to have a professional Wedding DJ?Well, that depends on how much you care about the vibe of your dance-floor. In my experience, it is seldom that a self made playlist trumps a pro. Keeping that in mind, I said “pro /professional”.I’ve seen a playlists trump bad DJ’s also.. So making this […] OPEN POST

Nicole & Jordan

Third times the charm!These country legends just so happen to be friends with 2 of my past couples, meaning this is the third wedding we got to celebrate together!This wedding was a real labour of love, family and amazing friends.Jordans parents property was host, Nicoles friend Imogen (past bride :)) was the amazing stylist/florist AND, […] OPEN POST

Josh + Lucas | The Stables Bar | Film Gallery

The Stables Bar Wedding Photography – – Sometimes It’s nice to add a few filmy edits to a gallery, but this time I thought I would make a whole blog just from the filmy goodness. “I’m not crying – You’re crying!”The Stables was such a divine venue to host the wedding of these adorable humans, […] OPEN POST

The Owens | Gantheaume Point Beach Lifestyle Photography

Where’s Tessa?Trying to get 1 kiddie interested in photos can be a challenge, but 3 at once.Sarah, Karl and their 3 beautiful girls, took me exploring the lower beaches of Gantheaume Point. OPEN POST

Gantheaume Point Family Photography

This little miss did love to scare us, with her eagerness to explore the edge of the rocks at Gantheaume Point. But how can you not fall in love with that little face. OPEN POST

The Browns | Rockingham Family Photography


Dani + Eli’s Perth Hills Backyard Wedding


Sarah + Dylan |Baldivis Farm Stay Wedding

Sarah + Dylans Baldivis Farm Stay Wedding PhotosTwo of the happiest, most laidback, random, kind and open people. As a fellow finder of love at a young age, It was so wonderful immerse myself in all the feels. Sarah, enthusiastically (ran) down the aisle, to meet her Dylan, in awe. During the vows, I just […] OPEN POST

Soul-Centered love

Courtney + Ben | Perth Lifestyle Couples Photography A beautiful morning spent with the boss babe Courtney, from Seeking Wilder, her husband, Ben, and their beautiful yet rambunctious boy, Austin. More lifestyle session goodness: here OPEN POST

Jess + Jason | Flour Factory Wedding Photos

Jess + JasonPerth Flour Factory Wedding Photos _ Here’s to he most balanced couple, ever! (raise your glass) They are the avocado and cheese, the need for the vanilla icing stuff inside an Oreo. Okay, these are food references.. but you get my point. Jess is a divine, crazy smart, multifaceted human, with a killer […] OPEN POST

Aaron + Lauren | Hawley House Wedding | Hawley, Tasmania

Aaron (Az/A.A.ron/China 2.0) + Lauren (Loz/Lozzy/Lozza) Hawley House Wedding Photos | Ebony Blush Photography It started with bacon, cooked in the oven, toast, avocado.. and probably eggs. I don’t actually remember, so this is an assumption. Strolling down to the beach, for some cricket and throwing Aaron in the sea. Trying to work out bowties, […] OPEN POST

Kim + James | Oakover Grounds Wedding

Kim + James Wedding at the beautiful Oakover Grounds, in the Swan Valley. High Resolution Family + Guest Images Can Be Purchased By Clicking ‘Here‘Oakover Wedding Photos | Ebony Blush Photography | Oakover Grounds, Swan Valley More Winery Wedding Goodness OPEN POST

Nanga Bush Camp Couples Photography

More Nanga Love? Check out these cuties! OPEN POST

Heart Strings Hire and Style, Styled Wedding at Perth Zoo

Heart Strings Hire and Style + The absolute flower genius, Bohemian Flower Collective created this stunning set up at the Perth Zoo. The Barn, located near/behind the Elephants ( I looooove elephants) is tucked away at the very back of the Zoo, and is often dressed to suit a more ‘rustic look’. Walking into the […] OPEN POST

Amy + Jack | Jarrahdale Couples Photography

Jarrahdale Couples Photography, featuring Amy and Jack + their super friendly puppa. Surrounded by tress, many years older than us. Amy and Jack danced, with only me to watch, and take photos, and now you are looking at the photos… soooo, lets just say it isn’t a secret. But CUTE AF, nonetheless. More couples cuteness? […] OPEN POST

Yallingup Wedding | Jesse + Nicola-Kate

Check out Kate + Gareth, who also got hitched at the Caves House Hotel! OPEN POST

Nanga Bush Camp Bride

Nanga Bush Camp Bride | Exploring Nanga along side the rad commonfolk crew. Gown: Through The White DoorHair + Make-Up: The Pretty ParlourFlorals: Sir BotanicalVenue: Nanga Bush CampBride: Cora Aubrey Looking for Nanga weddings? Check Stevie + Jay OPEN POST

Hollie + Brandon | Millbrook Winery Wedding

Hollie + Brandon | Millbrook Winery Wedding To start, this is probably one of the most beautiful Millbrook Winery Weddings that i have ever witnessed! When we first met, it was after school/work and Brandon was on break.The date possibilities were limited, so we needed to make this work.However, there was a catch…My baby-sitter was […] OPEN POST

Jess + Callum | Ulverstone Couples Photography

Shot in Ulverstone, Tasmania Fore more cute AF couples, click me OPEN POST

Tim + Elle | Port Coogee Wedding Photography