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Perth Wedding Photography and Videography

Oh, and WONDERWOMAN (Blake)
It was about time to elaborate on who we are, and what we do.. so here we go!

All the things about Zoe + Blake

Perth Wedding Photographer + Videographer


Perth Wedding Photography and Videography
Blake’s thoughts on Zoe:
(by Blake)

The Zozo can talk, a lot, which is a good thing! She is way more fun than probably every photographer I’ve worked with, she calls herself “weird” but I think she’s pretty awesome.

Something she won’t tell you, probably because it has to be observed… having worked with many photographers, one thing I really like about Zoe’s approach to wedding photography is that she treats and talks to each couple as if they’re her best friend, and as the individuals they are, not necessarily as “clients”.
But Blake, what does that even look like?
hutup, I’ll tell you, this is my story, she’s danced with couples, been invited to hens nights, and I’ve also never seen a photographer with so many ways to create natural laughter through genuine means – like you know all those ‘candid’ laughing photos – sometimes the photographer literally just says “ok everyone laugh now!” – yeah… So photo time feels less like a chore to the couple and bridal party and it becomes more fun and games. Good times. Everything is 100% authentic with Zoe, she is a genuine, friendly, approachable, and caring person, which is really refreshing to be around! I’d still be her friend, even if we didn’t shoot together, but not if she was any less “weird”. ?

Q&A With Zoe

  • What is your favourite thing to do, when you aren’t shooting?

Oh man, I really enjoy walking and watching the ocean (just breathing it in, you know!). 
I like sooo many things, all of the things! 
I will expand: watching films with my kiddos, seeing live music, listening to loud music, reading books, riding my bike, exploring, spending money, rubbing my husbands beardy face.

  • If you could shoot anywhere, where would it be?

LAWD, I have so many places, but I would LURVE to shoot somewhere crazy random, like in a random alley, that had been fully decked out with the most epic set up.
Or Canada, Canada would be cool too. 

  • What is your favourite part of a wedding day?

For photos, or for the feels?
For photos, the couples portraits, fo sho!
Not because I am the big bossy-mc-Bossypants, but because it is the part of the day where I can make a suggestion of something cute, then I get to capture it.
These photos are usually the wall-makers, and I like to think that couples make their own love story within these images.
And for the feels, for the fun. THAT DANCE FLOOR
I am not a great dancer unless its choreographed and I have practised damn hard. But get people on that floor!
I don’t drink, yet as a guest, I will dance for the fact of WTF NOT!
ps. Dance floor photos are always my faves, as they are so raw and always make me smile.

  • Top tip for the wedding day?

Pick a wedding crew who support you, and are as equally crazy, if not more so.
And if you can’t find them, don’t have any.
Bridalpartyless weddings can be just as freaking epic as those with a team of 14!
ANNNND. Do whatever the flippety flip you want.
If you want a llama – get one.
If you want a pinata – get one.
If you want me to dress up like a chicken, this can be arranged.

  • Why did you start shooting weddings, and what keeps you in the game?

The very first wedding I shot was for free, it was a trial. 
As a budding photographer or any kind of artist, you’re always searching for your ‘niche’, your market. 
I shot my first wedding, and I loved it! 
That 1 wedding became 5, 5 turned into over 100, and with every wedding, I am more taken with the story. 
I love how the lead up to the wedding day is so precise and well planned.
But then that all falls out the window, and all that is left is PURE HAPPINESS. 
Shooting weddings give me a constant supply of warm fuzzies and a sore face. 
I didn’t have these smile wrinkles till I started shooting weddings, but it is beyond worth it. 

  • Here is a funny joke/ GIF I prepared, right now

Dont fall, lil’ buddy



Zoe’s Thoughts on Blake:
(by Zoe) Perth Wedding Photography and Videography

Blake’s nice. Like, really nice. 
The kind of nice person who would give up their snacks, if you decided to forget to eat for 10 hours.
He also likes to come to anything, majorly prepared.
Pretty sure if somehow the wedding location became detached from the country, he would be all, “ Hey, I have the tools to fix this.”
 Rolling back to the first time I met Blake, there was a bit of a conundrum. 
The venue wouldn’t allow the singer to use her own amp. (This is a thing, so make sure any potential vendors are prepared). Anyway, Blake stepped in, going through his million cords, to find the right one.
The first time we worked together as a team, there was almost no reception, so Blake came prepared with walkie-talkies. (Who even has walkie-talkies? – Blake does).

He’s so incredibly talented and is good at basically everything, which I am pretty sure makes him an alien.
When Blake isn’t making all the foods, adventuring with his Jenelle, making rad tunes, filming weddings or taking photos of his epic lion-cat (which I do not know the name of, it is just lion-cat) he is a high school music + media teacher. Blake talks about teaching with amazement and encouragement, which is so indicative of how he will look at most, if not all people and situations. Blake has the ability to find the magic in the madness, and I think that’s why he’s such a great and constantly evolving filmmaker.

My most favourite skill of Blakes is actually his ability to compose a unique and bone tingling soundtrack to accompany wedding films. Visually, I am there.. we see the same things, we capture the same things, in different ways. But the audio is something entirely of itself.
In a place full of talented videographers, this is what makes Blakes films, the captivating works of brilliance that they are.

Overpreparedness and alienness aside, hes the one of greatest humans.

Q&A With Blake

  • What is your favourite thing to do, when you aren’t shooting?

Make music! Or cook enough meals to feed a village and stock the freezer (well that sounds sad – “favourite thing”) – I listen to music at the same time, it’s a good way to chill. Or revert to my potato self and eat “snaaaacks”. (insert snacks kid video)


  • If you could shoot anywhere, where would it be?

Iceland, or somewhere else remote and beautiful with mountains and scenery, I like mountains… I’d probably pay for my own ticket.

  • What is your favourite part of a wedding day?

Probably the photoshoot, everyone can be a little stressed and things can get a bit hectic before the ceremony due to the build up and timings, but once that’s done the couple is able to relax and be themselves, it’s a fun time of day to watch the bridal party hang out and let the creativity, ooze? Flow?

  • Top for the wedding day? (This was meant to say, top tip for the wedding day)

I personally like to wear t-shirts with cats on them, or only the latest from Milan, Mulan? Mushu is my inner monologue. Or does this mean ‘top moment’ type thing? I think it might, anything genuine, not staged, and natural that is cute – makes the couple happy, makes me happy, or if the bride or groom cry, I’m out. I’m also a sucker for a good heartfelt speech that hits you in the feels. And as I have close siblings, I have a soft spot for any nice sibling moments.

  • Why did you start shooting weddings, and what keeps you in the game?

It was a way of combining my two long time passions of filmmaking and music, as emotion tends to drive everything I create (film or music), I quickly became enamoured with creating these super emotional films and telling couples’ stories. I do it because I genuinely do enjoy it, not to make a living, I love being responsible and depended on for something so close to people, and I love doing their day justice (and to read all the wonderful comments!) that’s definitely what keeps me in the game.

  • Here is a funny joke/ GIF I prepared, right now

This one is a classic. The longer I watch it the more I laugh.

If you totally love us by now, you can check out our combined work here: RAD WORK BY THE ZOZO AND THAT OTHER GUY, named Blake, apparently.


Perth Wedding Photography and Videography
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Photo Credit: A pretty rad marry-er-er,  Dilhari